Sklep MeatStuff
Tradycyjna receptura, bez konserwantów
Natural dogchews and treats
exclusively from Polish meat
<span>Natural dog</span><span>chews and treats</span>
Your dog will recognise that we are not adding chemicals!
Only meat
That’s best for dogs
<span>Only meat</span>

About us

We are a family company that produces natural chews and treats for dogs. We have been operating in the pet food industry for about 10 years. We gained our first experience by introducing our own dog chews brand to the Polish market. Currently, we are continuing the production in a new location, at the headquarters of Artex, which was the first manufacturer of dog chews in Poland. Many years of tradition, the greater production capacity of Artex and the accumulated knowledge all allow us to better respond to the needs of our customers’ canines.

Privately, we are interested in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for people and dogs, so we try to translate our passion into what we do professionally. We love our work for the fact that we can cooperate with people who love animals as much as we do.

Our mission is to educate customers and provide them with products that not only satisfy the dog's strong need to chew, but also fulfil other additional functions that affect the dog's health. We focus on the naturalness and high quality products as well as professional and comprehensive customer service.

With us, every dog will find something for themselves, and we will be happy to advise you in choosing the perfect chew toy.

Quality by nature

Our products are mono-component, so you don't need to read their labels carefully. They are not chemically improved or preserved, which means that they are rich in valuable ingredients, and dogs sense it and choose our chews more willingly.

As a Polish manufacturer of dog chews, we make sure that the raw material for production only comes from national, certified slaughterhouses or game purchases.

The meat is mechanically processed, i.e. given the appropriate shape, and then dried at low temperature to maintain its nutritional value. The last stage is thermal sterilisation, which ensures the safety of the produced dog food.

We have an implemented and constantly updated HACCP quality system. We monitor quality through regular microbiological tests and composition analysis. We are also subject to regular external inspections which are carried out by the State Veterinary Inspection.

How do we work?

We supply dog chews to pet shops and wholesalers throughout the country, the EU and beyond. Depending on the preferences of our customers, we offer chew toys in collective packaging for self-packaging as well as in individual packaging under our brand, but we also specialise in customers' own brands. We have already been trusted by many top brands offering natural treats for dogs.

Bet on your own brand

Stage I

Send us an enquiry about your own brand

Stage II

We will present the pros and cons of various solutions in packaging

Stage III

We will provide veterinary guidelines for labels

Stage IV

Together, we will choose the perfect products for your customers

Stage V

We start working on your brand

Customer reviews

“The Meat stuff team has been packing chew toys for our shop under its own brand for many years. We can always count on professional advice. We are informed about new products and new guidelines from the State Veterinary Inspection. We can organise promotions together, and in case of any problems, they never abandon the client to deal with problems alone. They are a responsible business partner.”

The owner of an online shop from Warsaw

The owner of an online shop from Warsaw

“I never gave my Grace stinks because I thought, as a typical couch potato, she doesn't like them. Until at one of the exhibitions she tried a free sample from Meat Stuff. I remember it was beef liver. This is how we started ordering various delicacies from Meat stuff and it turned out that her favourite chew toy was a beef bone with meat, which is only slightly smaller than herself.”

Owner of a female dog Grace from Koszalin

Owner of a female dog Grace from Koszalin

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